Tips Before Putting Up Your ‘For Sale’ Sign

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The big decision has finally been made. You’re going to put your house up for sale. Now what’s next? High on your ‘to do’ list will be selecting a qualified real estate agent to market your property; another will be a search for a new residence. Yet there’s more … much more!

Here’s just a few of the general topics that need to be considered before you plant a ‘For Sale’ sign in the ground:

  • Is your current home in show-ready condition?
  • What type of new home (single-family, condo, apartment, new/pre-owned) would you consider?
  • Determine the financial implications ahead of time (taxes, mortgage, closing costs, insurance, remodeling/repairing, etc.)
  • And, of course, selecting a qualified real estate agent to market your current property and, if outside your present area, finding one who will work with you to locate that perfect new abode.

Whether you’re entering the market for the first time, someone who’s looking for a vacation or investment/rental property, or are a veteran of multiple moves, it’s easy to overlook any of the numerous items that should populate your ‘to-do’ list. That’s what we’ll try to help you eliminate.

Keep an eye out for future blogs from our team at Wild Dunes Real Estate (WDRE) that will take a deeper dive into many suggestions and ideas that will ease your sale and/or purchase process.

And, of course, our agents at WDRE have the expertise to assist you in property transactions in the charming and historic Charleston, SC area.