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Whether you’re a native of or a visitor to the historic city of Charleston, SC or are merely a trivia buff, there is an abundance of little-known fun facts about the ‘Holy City.’  For your entertainment pleasure, here a just a few that should surely peak you’re interest.

  • The first shots to be fired in the Civil War came from Citadel cadets stationed on Morris Island, just west of the Charleston peninsula.
  • A flotilla of three small ships carrying 148 English men and women sailed into a harbor on the SC coast in April 1670 and established the settlement of Charles Town, named for King Charles II.
  • The Carolina Golf Club was established in 1786, thus becoming the site of the first gold course in the United States.
  • White Point Gardens, located in the Battery of downtown Charleston, derived its name from the English as far back as the 1670s due to the whiteness of the oyster shells that could be seen as they sailed by.
  • Although Georgia is commonly called the Peach State, the state of South Carolina is actually the largest producer of that fruit in the South.
  • Charleston was the first city in America to have a theatre.  The Dock Street Theatre, built in 1736, still exists today and is said to be one of the most haunted buildings in the city.
  • The historic district of the city has over 2,000 preserved and restored buildings.  More than 70 are from the pre-Revolutionary War era; over 130 dating from the 1700s and about 600 from the early 1800s.
  • Founded in 1773, The Charleston Museum is considered to be the country’s oldest municipal museum.
  • The city is the birthplace of numerous celebrities, including Darius Rucker (lead singer of Hootie & the Blowfish), Andy Dick (comedian), Will Patton (actor), Kwame Brown (NBA player) and Steven Colbert (comedian & TV personality) and Bud Moore (legendary NASCAR driver & team owner).
  • With construction completed in 1761, St. Michael’s Episcopal Church is credited as being the first church in the city.
  • ‘Gullah’ was proclaimed as an official language of Charleston in 1939.  Variations of it are still spoken today along the South Carolina and Georgia coasts.

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