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Just minutes from one of the country’s most beloved historic cities – Charleston, SC – is the spectacular 3.3 square mile Sullivan’s Island.  What it may lack in geographic size it more than makes up for in beauty and charm.

Nestled at the mouth of Charleston Harbor and its neighboring Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island offers an inviting mix of beaches and watersports, history and folklore, local restaurants and shops, nature and solitude.

It was here, in 1776, in a makeshift log fort that colonial forces secured the first decisive victory over the British Navy, thus galvanizing the patriot’s cause for independence.  Today, Sullivan’s Island is mainly a sophisticated residential community with a remarkable absence of commercial development.  Forget the stoplights, the shopping malls, the golf courses, the neon signs … because there are none.

Casual and unhurried, the locale is one of the most relaxing and family-friendly beaches on the South Carolina coast.  Residents and visitors alike get around leisurely on foot, on bikes or in golf carts.  Access to and from the island is across an old-fashioned drawbridge.

If you’re looking for a hotel you won’t find one; and rental property on the island is frowned upon in this family-oriented, close-knit community.

Sullivan’s Island has some of the highest per capita real estate costs in the United States.  Although not the most expensive in the region, home values – based on the island’s small size and the number of regular residents, makes it one of the priciest locations.

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