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One of South Carolina’s fastest growing areas – literally doubling in population between 1990 and 2000 – Mount Pleasant is not only the fourth largest municipality in the state but also one of the oldest.  This is truly a vibrant community; one that’s proud of its heritage and equally excited about a strong future.

Like the adjacent Isle of Palms, Mount Pleasant was inhabited by the Sewee Indians when the first white settlers arrived from England in July 1680.  Nearly 200 years later, the town’s name became recorded in history when in Sept. 1860 a public meeting was held there produced SC’s the first secession resolution from The Union.  A short time later, representatives from seven Southern states met in Charleston to form the Confederate States of America … an act ultimately leading to the Civil War.

Geographically a peninsula, Mount Pleasant is bordered by the Wando and Cooper Rivers to the north, Charleston Bay on the west, and the Intracoastal Waterway on the south.  For countless decades the area was primarily populated seasonally by those Charleston residents wealthy enough to afford summer homes across the river from their more urban downtown dwellings.   The majority of these new residences were constructed in an area of the town known today as “The Old Village.”

Needless to say, travel between the Charleston peninsula and Mount Pleasant required a boat until the first bridge was constructed in 1928; a second and larger bridge opened in 1966.  Both aging spans were replaced in 2005 by the eight-lane Arthur Ravenel Bridge, one of the longest cable-stayed bridges in the western  hemisphere, significantly improving vehicular travel time and convenience.   (Interestingly, only one year earlier, Mount Pleasant became one of the first cities in the U.S. to pass a “pay-before-you-pump” gas ordinance.)

Today’s residents appreciate the close proximity to historic downtown Charleston as well to their own nearby beaches, excellent golf courses and wide range of shopping experiences.  Bisecting the city, Shem Creek is known for a number of popular restaurants and as home port of one of the last fleets of local commercial fishing boats in the area.  Locals often take advantage of the fresh-off-the-boat seafood sold right on the docks.

Strolling through the narrow tree-lined streets of ‘The Old Village’ reveals that many Colonial and Antebellum homes remain well-maintain – a sign of preserving local heritage.  At the foot of the Ravenel Bridge, is Patriot’s Point, a naval and maritime museum that’s also home to the World War II aircraft carrier USS Yorktown which is now a museum ship.  And, of course, there’s much more that can be enjoyed across the 42 square miles that make up Mount Pleasant.

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